Shadows on the Stream Bed

Curtis & Boultonís
South African
Fly Fishing Clinic

The Elements of Fly Tying
by Tom Sutcliffe
Curtis & Boultonís
Fly Fishing Clinic
Curtis & Boultonís
Fly Fishing Clinic
Fishing the Margins
The Rapture of the River,
The Autobiography of a
South African Fisherman

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1 Casting
2 Choosing your tackle
3 Tackling Up
4 The Impact of Tides
5 The Quarry
6 Retrieving, Striking, Playing, Landing and Releasing
7 A Day on the Estuary
8 Fly Fishing Rocks! (And Surf)
9 Treasure Islands
10 Last Cast



Curtis & Boulton's Saltwater Fly Fishing Clinic



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