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Paul Curtis
Fishing the Margins

The first bibliography, history and review of South African fly fishing books from the 1908 to the present.

Ed Herbst, broadcaster, writer, and editor of Piscator has this to say about Fishing the Margins:

'The book is a well-researched and hugely entertaining chronological record of the 82 books written on the subject since 1908.í Fishing the Margins is written with infectious enthusiasm and is filled with fascinating snippets of history that make it as entertaining as it is informative.'

And Tom Sutcliffe, flyfisherman and author supreme writes:

'South Africaís fly fishing literature is surprisingly rich and diverse and itís something a lot of us feel more than a little proud about. Itís also a genre that has produced a host of quality works over almost 100 years, books easily able to hold their own against the best in the world. Think of Dean Riphagenís The South African Fly-fishing Handbook or Sydney Heyís minor masterpiece The Rapture of the River to quote just two examples. Up until now though, the great library of South African fly fishing books Ė and authors Ė has never been properly examined and recorded. In at last setting this right, Paul Curtis has done us flyfishers a big service. He has researched, analysed and chronicled our fly fishing literary heritage book by book, author by author, right from the very origins of the sport in South Africa. As such Fishing the Margins is not only an important historical record, itís also a welcome milestone. It makes for a hugely enjoyable and informative read; a book, I think, that should be prescribed reading for everyone who shares a passion for fly fishing and a passion for this country.'

ISBN 0-9584950-2-5


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About the author:

PAUL CURTIS has been fishing all his life and collecting books about fishing for thirty years or more. Fishing the Margins is the result of his collecting mania and several years of research in the history of South African flyfishing.


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