Shadows on the Stream Bed

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The Elements of Fly Tying
by Tom Sutcliffe
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Shadows on the Stream Bed
By Tom Sutcliffe

Shadows on the Stream Bed by Tom Sutcliffe is a celebration of fly fishing by South Africa's most celebrated flyfisherman. Yet you don't have to be a flyfisher to enjoy the people and places he describes so lovingly.

Tom's writing is sometimes deep, sometimes hurries along, is often lyrical and beautiful, always sparkling - a lot like the crystal streams of the high mountains of South Africa where the brown and rainbow trout thrive.

He has more than anyone in the history of South African flyfishing walked and waded every metre of these streams, kilometre after kilometre. Fishing each pool, run and riffle on those both well-known and unnamed - from the finest blue ribbons to those that have hardly the width or length of a piece of packing string. This book continues his journey.


Tom Sutcliffe has written five previous books on fly fishing and fly tying including the best selling Hunting Trout and The Elements of Fly Tying. He has fly fished in every corner of South Africa and many places around the world.


ISBN 978-0-9814255-1-1

Sneak preview

A small taste of what youíll get from Shadows on the Stream Bed

1 Undiscovered fly streams
2 Home waters and the mighty RAB
3 Barkly, Rhodes and mountains of trout
4 Ponds
5 Lightness and small stream fever
6 Barkly, Rhodes and more mountains of trout
7 Fly-in fly fishing
8 Okavango Delta
9 The pucker factor
10 South Island New Zealand
11 Spotting fish, a guideís view
12 Fly tying
13 Eddie and the ants
14 Bamboo
15 Catching fish on camera
16 Barkly, Rhodes and mountains of trout revisited
17 Good trips and bad trips
18 Lake language
19 Getting competitive
20 Thankshjalot
21 Fringe fishing and the Bastervoetpad
22 Shadows on the stream bed
23 Barkly, Rhodes and mountains of trout once more


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