Shadows on the Stream Bed

Curtis & Boultonís
South African
Fly Fishing Clinic

The Elements of Fly Tying
by Tom Sutcliffe
Curtis & Boultonís
Fly Fishing Clinic
Curtis & Boultonís
Fly Fishing Clinic
Fishing the Margins
The Rapture of the River,
The Autobiography of a
South African Fisherman

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1 Welcome to Fly Tying
2 Tools of the Trade
3 Guidelines for Proportion and Balance
4 Thread Control
5 Tying an All-Purpose Mayfly Nymph
6 Tying an All-Purpose Dry Fly
7 Tying a Traditional Wet Fly
8 Tying an All-Purpose Streamer
9 Tying a Bead-Head Woolly Bugger
10 Tan Ant
11 Goddard Caddis
12 DDD
13 Elk Hair Caddis
14 Pheasant Tail Nymph (PTN)
15 Gold-Ribbed Hareís Ear
16 Zak
17 Klinkhamer Emerger
18 Royal Wulff
19 Cream Spinner
20 Suspender Midge
21 Bloodworm
22 Brassie
23 Czech Nymph
24 Soft Hackle
25 Cream Air Head
26 Red-Eyed Damsel
27 Neutral-Density Dragonfly Nymph
28 Leftyís Deceiver
29 Crazy Charlie
30 Wrapping Up



By Tom Sutcliffe




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