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24 Flies That Work
By Paul Curtis and Jonathan Boulton

Royal Wulff


Lee Wulff was undoubtedly a fly fishing legend. I love watching grainy, old footage of him, waist deep in icy rivers, doing battle with Atlantic salmon and obscenely big lake and brook trout on light tackle. He was a pioneer in many ways, first float plane pilot/guide in Newfoundland, Canada, and the inventor of the fly vest we are so familiar with today. He was also an innovative fly tyer, best known for incorporating animal hair into the tying of dry flies. The renowned Royal Wulff is one outstanding result. The high-floating, hollow deer hair fibres make the fly highly visible in fast, broken water or in low light. The body, with its iridescent peacock herl and red wrapping, gives great contrast and adds hugely to its appeal to fish. Like the Humpy, the Royal Wulff is a great attractor pattern, looking like a bit of everything.

This fly did very well for me in New Zealand, bringing up a memorable rainbow from a deep, rainswollen stream.


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A small taste of what youíll get from 24 Flies That Work

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3 Humpy
4 Royal Wulff
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11 PTN
12 Zak
13 San Juan Worm
14 Copper John
15 Montana Nymph
16 Red-eyed Damsel
17 Dragonfly Nymph
18 Walkerís Killer
19 White Death
20 Muddler Minnow
21 Woolly Bugger
22 Zonker
23 Booby
24 Yarn egg


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