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Curtis & Boultonís
South African
Fly Fishing Clinic

The Elements of Fly Tying
by Tom Sutcliffe
Curtis & Boultonís
Fly Fishing Clinic
Curtis & Boultonís
Fly Fishing Clinic
Fishing the Margins
The Rapture of the River,
The Autobiography of a
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257 pages





By Paul Curits

I never forget a face I've had framed in
my telescopic sights ...

The killer code-named Rooikat was ready to deal.
The Colonel was dead and buried and so were the rest of the co-conspirators. The bomb, stolen years before from the secret nuclear facility at Pelindaba, near Pretoria, was waiting to be dug out of its hiding place and the buyers were queuing up. Rooikat was in the clear. Or was he?

Ex-police officer, private investigator, Jaco Koekemoer had come home to bury the Colonel, his father, killed in a car accident that didn't make sense. He looked for answers in his father's past and opened a can of worms instead.

Follow Koekemoer and his partners in crime fighting, fellow PI Chesney Cook and Police Captain Nathi Mpanza as they try to stop Rooikat and the bomb reaching Somalia and the murderous Al-Qaeda affiliate, Al Shabbab.

Do they succeed? Or is the terrorist nightmare we all fear closer than ever?

Rooikat is the first in a series that follow the trials and tribulations of Koekemoer and Cook. Author Paul Curtis is currently working on the second title: Feeding Frenzy. Please look out for it towards the end of 2017 online and on this website.

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ISBN 978-0-9814255-6-6

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