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The Elements of Fly Tying
by Tom Sutcliffe
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Curtis & Boultonís
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Meandering Streams
By Roger Baert


Tom Sutcliffe writes in the Foreword:
"In Meandering Streams, Roger Baert covers the most eclectic collection of angling subjects you will ever come across, many of the chapters warmly anecdotal, others tactically useful, or solidly based in his wide experience of fly tackle. (Roger is, incidentally, the undisputed father of float tubing in South Africa.) The text will take you from China, to Sweden, to Belgium, to Iran, to Australia, and to other countries besides, hunting trout, bass, grayling, bluegill, eels – you name it. Not least, of course, he covers the 37 years he spent fishing in South Africa.

Many chapters are based on the regular fishing column he wrote for the weekend edition of The Natal Witness, but they have been revised and there is much new work I believe will prove to be fresh and exciting reading for any angler, but particularly for those who are fortunate enough to know Roger personally.

And given his pivotal role in the lives of so many South African flyfishers, either as a friend or a source of angling wisdom, or an ever-ready giver of advice on tackle or tactic, in its own way this book also becomes an important record of an important slice of flyfishing history in this country. You will find much of that between these lines."


ISBN 978-0-9814255-4-2

Sneak preview

A small taste of what youíll get from Meandering Streams

The case for trolling
Are trout a growing species?
Do fish really fear us?
Of drinking and fishing Down Under
Hilarious halieutic happenings
The landing net
One hundred trout in one day
A hot tip or two
The dog nobbler
The midday rise
The purist and the trout bum
Changing hemispheres
Last cast
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