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Curtis & Boultonís
South African
Fly Fishing Clinic

The Elements of Fly Tying
by Tom Sutcliffe
Curtis & Boultonís
Fly Fishing Clinic
Curtis & Boultonís
Fly Fishing Clinic
Fishing the Margins
The Rapture of the River,
The Autobiography of a
South African Fisherman



Drakensberg Ranger
By George Hughes

These memoirs are dedicated to Bill Barnes
and all the other Drakensberg staff who,
over many years, brought great joy into my life
whilst making immense contributions to the conservation
of the mountains.

David Cook writes in the Foreword:
"When the author, a friend and colleague of long standing, approached me to write a foreword to this account of his life as a game ranger at Giant's Castle Game Reserve in the early 1960s, I agreed without
a moment's hesitation.

The reason for this is simple. Quite apart from the fact that his narrative traces the early adventures, trials and tribulations of a young man about to embark on a career in wildlife conservation, George
Hughes has brought to life my own memories of game ranging during those same years when I took up a post at Giant's Castle offered to me by Colonel Jack Vincent, then the Director of the Natal Parks Board. Like the author, I had not the faintest idea of what duties I would have to perform in a part of Natal that I had only once fleetingly visited, and neither had I any real practical experience or formal training in nature conservation. I was a greenhorn in every sense of the word."


ISBN 978 0 98114255 3 5

Sneak preview

A small taste of what you'll get from Drakensberg Ranger

I am coming to look after you
What have they sent us now?
A needle under the thumb?
Fire ... a necessary evil
A more personal fire
A steep learning curve
Riding the bonnet
Patrolling Giant's Castle
The darker side of patrolling
The dormouse and the cream
The African Mammal Expedition
In search of companionship
A kilt in the highlands
Public relations
Game translocations capture the imagination
A coastal low
The hartebeests return
The greatest eland capture of them all
The Battle of Spioenkop
A game adventure
Missionaries and officials
'Half-spooring' and spring hares
A warm welcome
The Bushmen tell us
The Injasuti outpost
Volleys and follies
A journey of understanding



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